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Click here to view the list of officer vacancies and their job descriptions.

If you have an interest in any of these positions, please contact Mark Critzer at president@gsoski.org.


A note from GSOC President, Mark Critzer


Spring has sprung in NC and it’s time to get outside, enjoy nature, and get in shape for next ski season! GSOC is planning new week-long trips for 2019 that will include a “Ski Train Adventure” to Winter Park, CO in early February, with a day trip & overnight in Denver to get acclimated for high-altitude. Experience stress-free and on-time train travel that drops you off right at the lifts just like in Europe! GSOC will also re-introduce one of our most popular ski & tour vacations to Innsbruck, Austria in early March, with side trips to Venice, castles, and other interesting destinations. Other ski trips are also in planning stage. By June, GSOC will be ready for the “early-birds” to reserve their spots!

In the meantime, GSOC is working hard to fill up our warm-season calendar with outings and social events to keep us engaged and help recruit new members who share a wide variety of interests. Sailing with our local yacht clubs, bicycling easy to moderate greenways and wooded trails, camping trips to regional parks, whitewater rafting, kayaking, and tubing our mountain rivers in NC and VA, more social dining, wine tasting, craft brewery tours---the list goes on an on! The only limit is not telling us what YOU want to do! New GSOC members are encouraged to be Trip Leaders from the outset, so don’t be shy--take charge and make it YOUR club!!

Watch our calendar each month on our website, join our MeetUp group, like and share our Facebook page, and sign up for our Twitter account to stay up to date on the latest activities!

Join Greensboro Ski & Outing Club today! We do MORE than just Ski!!

Best regards,

Mark Critzer

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BBTBeachMusicInThePark It's time to get those dancing shoes on for the 12th Annual Children's Home Society Beach Music Concert series sponsored by BB&T continuing every Thursday evening till the end of June with The Embers May 28th and The Entertainers June 4th at Commerce Place from 5:30 - 8:30 pm. 


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