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Membership Information


Membership Meetings

Meetings are held monthly usually on the second Wednesday of each month somewhere in Greensboro. The time and location of the meeting are determined and reviewed periodically by the Board of Directors and are published in monthly email blasts and on the Website. Most meetings begin with a social at 6:30 pm and Guests are permitted to attend membership meetings for a $5.00 guest fee, which is applied toward the membership dues if the guest joins that evening.

New Members and Guests

An individual can join the Greensboro Ski & Outing Club by paying dues and submitting an application for approval. Applications are obtained by attending a membership meeting, obtaining a newsletter, and on this website.  Mail the application along with check to Greensboro Ski and Outing Club.


Bylaws and Code of Ethics

GSOC commits to a welcoming and diverse atmosphere for all members and requires abidance to our Bylaws and Code of Ethics with attending all events, trips and outings.

To introduce new members to club activities and the current membership, a social event is usually held the third week of the month (the week following the membership meeting). Social event details are announced at the bi-monthly membership meetings, published in the bi-monthly newsletter, and updated regularly on the Website.

GSOC History

The Greensboro Ski & Outing Club is a tax-exempt corporation chartered on October 11,1968. Initially founded by 16 Greensboro residents a ski club under the name Nat Greene Ski Club, the club name changed and operated as the Greensboro Ski & Sport Club. In August, 1996 a second name change was made to its current Greensboro Ski & Outing Club, which more appropriately reflected the variety of activities offered.

GSOC Organization

The purpose of the Board of Directors is to responsibly oversee club activities, finances, policies, safety issues and conflicts on behalf of the total membership. Officers and Board of Directors are elected positions annually in March. The Race Director is appointed by the President. Committees and trip leaders are formed and approved by the Board of Directors throughout the year. Board members oversee the operation of the club through monthly Board meetings, typically held on the Monday two days before monthly membership meetings. Board meetings are open to all members of the GSOC.

The GSOC is also a member of the Crescent Ski Council. Through association with the CSC, members of the Greensboro Ski & Outing Club are entitled to participate (without additional cost) in activities, events, trips and meetings of other Southeastern Clubs... including combined CSI ski programs for local and/or long distance trips, inter-club racing and more. The Crescent Ski Council also provides leadership training, workshops and other valuable resources to its membership.


GSOC Notice About Activities and Sports

Any participant in any activity associated with the GSOC is subject to the liability statement associated with the business. i.e. the mountain, airline, park, and retail establishment.  It is the responsibility of each GSOC member and their guests to familiarize themselves with these rules, regulations and liability statements.

Each GSOC member and their guests will assume all risk of personal injury or loss of damaged property as a result of the inherent risks of any activity whether said risks are known to the user.

Each GSOC member and their guests agree and understand that activities can be hazardous.

Lessons, orientation should be utilized if needed and are at the discretion of each GSOC member and their guests.  Variations in conditions, obstacles in the outdoor and indoor environment exist at many events and outings.  Each GSOC member and their guests agree that such dangers are recognized and are responsible for their actions.  Falls or collisions do occur, and therefore each GSOC member and their guests assume all risks of injury and loss of property.

The GSOC is not responsible for the loss of tickets by GSOC members and their guests.

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